Scuba Diving FAQ's

Are you a WRSTC recognized diving school?

Yes, Tank'd Pro Dive Center and SSI are a recognized by WRSTC

Can I get my Padi certification at Tank'd?
Yes and no. No we do not offer Padi brand certifications. However, we do offer scuba diving courses through SSI (Scuba Schools International). Our courses are very similar to Padi, and other agency courses but, in our opinion, better. SSI allows us to accommodate divers special needs and create a schedule that meets those needs. For instance, if a diver is having a difficult time clearing their mask, we can rearrange the skills and wait until the diver is ready to work on the mask skills again.
How long does it take to get certified as an Open Water Diver?
Typically, it takes 3 days. On day 1 we spend as much time as necessary to teach all of the skills in a shallow area off the end of our dock. On day 2, we do 2 open water dives to a maximum depth of 40ft. On day 3, we do 2 more open water dives to a maximum depth of 60ft.
Can I do technical dives at tank'd?
Definitely! Anyone who is certified in technical diving is welcome to dive off our boats. We have 2 XR (tech diving) instructors that are happy to review your dive plans and dive with you. We also have everything you need. Sofnolime, 100%O2, Trimix, Nitrox, 2L, 3L, 40cuft, 63cuft, 80cuft and 100cuft cylinders.
Can I take professional level courses at Tank'd
Definitely! We are a SSI Career Center and specialize in training instructors. We offer professional courses in Dive Guide (Divemaster), Assistant Instructor, Open Water Instructor, Assistant Instructor Trainer, Extended Range Instructor and an extensive list of Specialty Instructor Courses.
What Payment Methods Are Accepted?
We accept cash (dollars or limperas) or credit card (2.9% fee).
How do I get to Utila?
The easiest way is to fly into Roatan and take the Utila Dream Ferry over to Utila. Another way is to fly into San Pedro Sula, Honduras. From there you can fly on CM Airlines or on a charter flight and come directly to Utila. Or you have the option to take a shuttle to La Ceiba and then take the Utila Dream Ferry over to Utila. (Be aware of flight arrival and departure times and match them to the ferry schedule. Customs can take an hour to pass through.) We are always happy to help you navigate your travel to Utila.

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