First off, getting to Utila…

You can fly into Honduras two different ways…. 

  1. Fly into San Pedro Sula. 

If arriving into San Pedro Sula, you will need to make arrangements to fly to Utila on either a charter flight or on CM Airlines.

If you prefer a charter flight, we can provide you additional information and help you book this flight. These flights are typically around $250 a person one way (if there are other passengers on the flight). 

The other option is on CM Airlines.  They run around $100 one way and are the simplest of the options I’ll mention in regards to transportation from San Pedro Sula. Their website is 

You can also take a shuttle from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba. The shuttle costs around $125 one way and if you are interested in this option, we can make these arrangements for you. Once in La Ceiba, you will then take the ferry across to Utila.  We can also pre-purchase the ferry tickets for you. The ferry costs around $65. 

    1. Fly into Roatán. 
    This is by far an easier option! From the airport we can arrange for a taxi driver to take you straight to the ferry. We can purchase your ferry tickets for you in advance and if you do so through us, we can have the ferry wait on you for up to 15 minutes in the event your flight is delayed. We will send you a photo of your taxi driver so you can recognize him but he will also have a sign.

      Once on Utila, we will greet you at the ferry or airport and bring you to The Odyssey.  If coming in on the ferry, keep the luggage claim tickets. You will need them to claim your luggage.

      Regardless of which airport you fly into, here are some tips to get you through the airport. 

      1. When you get off the plane, make your way to immigration as quickly as possible. Don’t get out of line to use the restroom or you will more than likely miss the ferry. 
      2. You’ll need your Covid vaccination card first.
      3. The next stop you’ll need your passport and the Honduran entry form.  
      4. Next you’ll need the customs form.
      5. You’ll then collect your luggage and they will go through the x-ray machine. Keep the luggage claim tickets handy. They will verify them.
      6. Expect to get pulled to the side for them to go through our bags. Especially with scuba gear. I always keep some money handy because most of the time they are looking for a “tip”.  
      7. Once through there, make your way to your connecting flight or outside of the airport and the taxi driver will be there with a sign.  I’ll send you a photo of him so you know what he looks like. 

      Packing for your trip to Utila…

      1. If you think you might need it, bring it. It’s difficult to find some items on Utila.  If you are curious about a specific item, please feel free to call our front desk at +1 (806)401-9330. 
      2. Bug spray. The insects at The Odyssey are minimal compared to the rest of the island because of the breeze coming off the bay and the lack of sand. We do, however, have mosquitoes and sand flies that can be annoying especially at dusk and dawn.
      3. Reef friendly sunscreen. We highly recommend Sea to Stream products. They can be purchased around the island or at If using regular sunscreen, we ask that you shower prior to diving or snorkeling to protect our corals and sea life.
      4. Reusable water bottles.  I can’t recommend this enough. It’s extremely important to stay hydrated during your stay. We have water stands around the property for you to fill your reusable bottles.
      5. US Dollars that are in pristine condition.  Most businesses on Utila, including the bank, won’t accept currency that isn’t in good condition. No, markings, tears or dirt can be on the bills. Period. (At The Odyssey Resort, we will exchange bills that aren’t in perfect condition depending on the limperas we have on hand that day.)
      6. $20 are difficult to use anywhere in Honduras. Try to bring $5’s and $10’s to tip or pay taxi drivers with. They won’t have change.
      7. No fancy clothes required. Utila is very casual! Focus more on comfort and cool than dressy and nice.

      If scuba diving with Tank’d Pro Dive Center…

      1. Feel free to leave your gear at home. All of the gear at Tank’d is in like new condition. You can even message us your shoe and t-shirt size in advance and we will have your gear set out for you when you arrive.
      2. Bring your certification card with you, or better yet, WhatsApp Greg, our dive center manager, a photo of it in advance at +1 (667) 320-0256 This will save you time when checking in. We can even email our registration forms to you in advance upon request.
      1. If doing a scuba course with us, sign up for a free SSI account at before arriving. We can even assign your digital course materials in advance so you can begin your learning before your trip.
      1. Ask about our Stay & Dive discount that gives you 10% off both your hotel room and all your diving and courses.
      1. Consider doing a specialty course with us. We are the only SSI Diamond Instructor Training Center on Utila and offer many, many specialties from lionfish hunter and perfect buoyancy up to professional courses and technical diving courses. And all priced way less than you could do in the US or Europe. 
      1. Download the SSI app before leaving home so you’ll have access to your certification cards, dive log and courses while on vacation. Here’s the link to download the app…

      If diving with another dive center on Utila…

      1. Make sure you contact them in advance and ask questions about their requirements and ask about the condition of their gear. Some, not all, dive centers have extremely old gear.2Considering purchasing dive equipment? We sell Shearwater, XDeep, Zookeeper, Oceanic, Zeagle, XIT404, Bare and Atomics brands at Tank’d Pro Dive Center.  We have special discounts and specials on a regular basis.  
      2. Bring a small dry bag for on the boat or on walking around on rainy days..
      3. Bring reusable shopping bags to reduce the amount of trash being left behind on Utila.
      4. If not scuba diving… ask us about snorkel tours, deep sea fishing, island tours and more…
      5. Download WhatsApp before leaving home. That is the #1 way we communicate on the island. (FYI-T-Mobile works well on Utila)

      If you have any additional questions that we have forgotten to cover in the above information, please do not hesitate to ask! We are here to make your visit as flawless and relaxing as possible. 

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